How To Build Electric Car Step By Step

How To Build Electric Car Step By Step

NEVER Need To Pay For Gas Again?
Long Kept Secret Revealed On How To Convert Your Car To Run An Electric Motor

Stop Paying $100 - $200 A Week On Gas! I Have Some News That Will Shock You! Its Actually Very Easy To Convert A Gas Vehicle Into An ELECTRIC CAR! Basically, You Will No Longer Have to Pay For Gasoline After Reading My Guide!

Many people want to convert their gas car into an efficient electric car. However, most people don’t have the $3,000 it costs to hire a mechanic to do the work for them!

So, a couple of mechanics got together to solve this problem for everyone!

They wrote a detailed, easy to use instruction manual that will show even the newest of car newbies how to do an electric car conversion!

With My DIY Conversion Guide You Will Learn:

Step by Step: How To Transform Your Vehicle From Gas To Electric

* How to Get 100-200 Miles Per Charge

* What Parts Are Needed For the Conversion

* All the Tools You Will Need - This Will Cost Less Then $280.00 Dollars!

* Exactly Where to Get The Tools

* And Much More...

Even If You've Never Put ANYTHING Together or Don't Even Know What The Inside Of a Car Looks Like - You Will Be Able to Follow My Guide and Convert Your Vehicle Into an Electric Car!
Once you convert your car from gas to electricity, you will save an average of $225 per month for many years into the future!