Green Products - Conservation & Efficiency

You can easily build your own Solar Water Heater and save up to 33% off your electricity bill Every Month while helping the environment.
Using a solar water heater will save you up to a thousand dollars every year.
Our do-it-yourself solar water heater guide is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and is extremely affordable!

Many people want to convert their gas guzzling car into an efficient electric car. However, most people don’t have the $3,000 it costs to hire a mechanic to do the work for them! So, a couple of mechanics got together to solve this problem for everyone!
They wrote a detailed, easy to use instruction manual that will show even the newest of car newbies how to do an electric car conversion!

Did you know that a modern gasoline engine has an average efficiency of about 25 to 30%. In other words, 70 to 75% of the energy stored in that expensive fuel wastes as heat, pollution (unburned fuel!) and vibration, and only about 25% of energy moves the vehicle. Here you can find out how to build a hydrogen fuel cell for your car, that will make your car more efficient and cut your gas bill in half increasing your car's performance.

How to bring your beat up batteries back from the dead...
and add an extra two... three... even four years of operation
with little effort and almost no investment whatsoever!

You can now recondition your old batteries at home and bring them back to 100% of their working condition.
Moreover, you can even sell these reconditioned batteries for a profit.

"Do It Yourself Energy Audit" is FREE, and can give you BETTER Results than using a Professional.
It Only Takes 1 Hour (using Common Tools found around the house) to Perform a Basic Energy Audit that will show you the Largest Energy Wasters.
There is a Step-by-Step guide showing you how to perform your own Home Energy Audi.

Discover how to get up to 12 years of Clean, Healthy Drinking Water for practically free.
Learn the secret to making a High Grade Water Filter (Equal To $500 Commercial Units) In Just 3 Easy Steps!